Mor Pankh Radha Krishna (Style 1)



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India is the home of a remarkable variety of traditional crafts. Century old skills continue to produce some of the most artistic and exciting pieces of art, which are admired and collected by art connoisseurs all over the world, making Indian art & handicrafts immortal & most favored.

Paper Mache is a delicate decorative art which shows the artistic zeal of a craftsman. This art was introduced in Kashmir by Mughal Emperors of 15th and 16th Century. The Traditional Kashmiri art  of making paper mache starts with soaking paper in  water for several days disintegrating into a form of pulp, then drying and pasting the pulp on a surface in desired  shape. The Surface is coated with the layer of glue and rubbed smooth with a stone or baked piece of clay. Then the base is painted and finished with several coats of lacquer. The ingenious paper mache artisans of Kashmir transform a variety of utility articles into rare art pieces.

Dimensions: (B) 15.5 inches X (H) 11 inches approx.

Weight: 1100 gms approx

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